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"So you're thinking of buying a franchise?"
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Hi, my name is Freddie Rayner and I am a Successful UK Franchisor who will reveal the insider secrets of picking the perfect franchise for you (whatever the sector) and making a success of it...

PLUS: I reveal the '7 Crucial Questions' to ask yourself before you invest a single penny.

You already know that owning your own business is the only way you'll ever make any real money, and be in control of your future... and franchising is a much safer way of getting into a business that is already proven to work. But because of the high entry costs and personal liability involved you only get one crack at making absolutely certain you choose the right one for you!


Dear Aspiring Business Owner...

So you're thinking about investing in a franchise? Congratulations! You're considering the safest way to become your own boss, and be in control of your own future.

You see, buying your own franchise eliminates much of the risk of starting a business.

A recent survey showed 87% per cent of ALL
franchisees were profitable last year... and that's
including the new businesses!

The beauty of a franchise is that all the hard work has been done for you. Someone else has proved there is a demand for what you would be doing, worked out how best to get your customers, and how to profit from your endevours and be in control of your future.

You are copying the things that work and avoiding the stupid mistakes. To me, it's the smartest way to create a solid business and give you the lifestyle you are dreaming about.

But then, I'm biased. 12 years ago I turned my successful cleaning business into a franchise. I now have more than 165 franchisees serving 20,000 clients a week across the UK. Some of my franchisees have an annual income in excess of £150,000!

I didn't want to stop there... so I've repeated my success twice since, starting franchise opportunities in oven cleaning and dry organic carpet cleaning.

I've also been a franchisee (in a different field) and lost over £35,000 in less than one year! So I do know what I'm talking about. I made stupid errors you need not make.

Franchising has helped make me successful and I have personally helped hundreds of successful profitable businesses.


Here's what some of my existing franchisees say about their franchise business.

"I am over fifty now and have spent around 35 years working for many companies large and small. After my first year owning a franchise . . .

I have replaced several bosses with one, myself.

I have replaced getting up in the morning because the alarm has gone off with getting up because I want to get on with MY business.

I have replaced wondering how my employers are going to manage the business and me going forward with always knowing what is planned because I am planning it.

My regret is I should have done it twenty or thirty years ago."

Ivor Spinks - Time For You Franchise – Southport

"In 2004 I quit the Oil Industry after deciding I wanted to return to being my own man. I was a very successful executive and left as Operations Director of a major service company.

On day 2 of my retirement I attended a franchise exhibition in Glasgow and quite frankly was appalled at some of the offers being made, the conditions of contract were so onerous I very nearly decided to retire.

A few weeks later I came across an existing franchise for sale and I phoned for more details, it was for a domestic cleaning franchise. I was attracted by what the franchisee said and resolved to follow it up. Again I phoned head office and was convinced to at least have a face to face meeting with the franchisor. This proved to be the pivotal point, I had considered whether to go the route of franchise or branch out on my own.

My initial thought was to go my own way as most of what I had seen was at best a long shot. The outcome of my meeting with the franchisor was to go ahead, this was very largely due to what I can only describe as an instant rapport with the franchisor. I felt comfortable and assured that his and my interests were the same. After some further discussion, regarding training and support, I decided that having a family around me was a distinct advantage, no need to re-invent the wheel and through the internal intranet all the further queries could be answered by active franchisees.

The most important part of the franchise plan for me was that the business plan was in place and working, and the marketing plan was tried and tested. It can be pretty lonely out there, and knowing you can talk to someone makes a difference."

Paul Spencer - Time For You Franchise - Aberdeen


Everything about Time For You is beneficial. I have so much more time now, a better income, and I provide a fantastic service to my clients

Before taking on the Time For You franchise in the Milton Keynes and Warwick areas, Sam Stawarz was a full-time chef and ran his own catering business in the evenings. But it was a lot of work for little income.

Sam picks up the story: “Having a family at a young age and working 70 hours a week barely left me any time to sleep, let alone have a social life. If I wasn’t working late in to the night, I was sleeping majority of the day to recover from the long shifts. As my children got older, I became more and more aware of how much of their childhood I was missing out on; little things like getting them ready for school.

You may think I was being selfish working such unsociable hours, but I needed to support my family, even if it was costing me the better things in life. That was before I discovered a way to have my cake AND eat it.

I was introduced to Time For You and the rewards were instantaneous. The extra hours I have in the week are dedicated to making up for lost time with my family, and the increase in my personal income helps that happen nicely. My £80,000 profit this year is the perfect Christmas present.

Everything about Time For You is beneficial. I have so much more time now, a better income, and I am able to provide every one of my current 292 clients with a fantastic service from one of my 60 independent cleaners.

Getting started couldn’t have been easier. Not only was I provided with all the information I needed, a website, leaflets and other tools of the trade, I was also welcomed into a network of franchisees that’s like a family. There’s so much support given from other franchisees, you really don’t have any reason to fail. 

I won’t lie, a considerable amount of hard work is required if you’re considering buying a franchise, but if you work hard it won’t be long before you’re reaping the benefits. 

Sam and Emma Stawarz – Time For You - Milton Keynes

Working for yourself. Not for the faint hearted - or is it?

"Many years ago I started a decorating business from scratch. Although I knew a lot about decorating, I knew nothing about marketing, how to close a deal or generally how to get the general public to buy into my service.

It took nearly three years of hard work before I became properly established and, even then, I was still somewhat naive about pricing and how to get the maximum return for my effort.

In short, from my experience, I found that working for yourself was not easy! Franchising, however, is a totally different ball game!. I purchased a domestic cleaning franchise some six years ago and have never looked back. From the start I was given clear advice and guidance as how to find clients, how to find cleaners to do the work, how to market the business and how to monitor and control it.

The learning curve was so easy compared with my experience working alone. With a franchise I have back up and support from head office and also support from a network of like minded franchisees all of whom share the same experiences in business as me. Instead of me taking three years to become established it was more like six months. Yes, I still work hard but with the proper tools to succeed and with the ability to make a good living.

So, working for yourself can be for the (slightly!) faint hearted if you choose the franchise route as I did. Try it, it's so much easier than starting out alone."

Paul Urbanowicz – Time For You – Newcastle North


I can’t stress enough the positive impact Time For You has had on my life. I made £77,000 profit this year alone and now send my 3 children to private school

Caroline Kirby is the Time For You franchisee in Tunbridge Wells.

She said: “Once upon a time, I worked as an investment banker. After having my three children however, that occupation was no longer suitable, so I decided to do something very different and set up a community magazine. It was there that I learned about Time For You.  

To make my magazine work I learned as much as I could about marketing and advertising; what works, and what doesn’t. Freddie Rayner had submitted an article to my magazine about his franchise Time For You, and in my opinion, it ticked all the right boxes.

It wasn’t long before I found myself seriously looking at investing in my own franchise. I visited the website, and decided that I was sold. Who doesn’t want to work half the hours of an average person for double, or even triple the money? I decided that I was one of these people, and one meeting with Freddie later, I was a franchisee.

I can’t stress enough the positive impact Time For you has had on my life. Having made £77,000 profit this year alone, I am able to send each of my three children to a private school. During the school holidays I can work at home, and I have the extra money to treat each of them. This is something every parent dreams of being able to do, and I truly believe it’s easily achievable.

My franchise is always growing. I currently have close to 200 clients, and work with 100 independent cleaners. Our partnership benefits the both of us, and enables me to take care of things such as the smooth running and accounts of the business, whilst my clients receive a trustworthy service.

I would strongly recommend that anyone who wants to spend more time with their children looks in to the investment of a Time For You franchise. Not only do I have more quality time for my family, but I also have a larger income to make sure that they will have the best upbringing I can provide for them.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Freddie at Time For You and become part of our business family.”

Caroline Kirby – Time For You – Tunbridge Wells

How “Failed” franchisees helped me see the way forward

I'll be honest with you, I have had my share of failures over the years... franchisees who just wouldn't make their business work no matter what advice I gave them. For ages I thought it was my fault, that my franchise ideas wouldn't work in every area of the UK... and then I discovered I was wrong.

I found new ambitious franchisees who bought the “failing” areas, and turned then into huge successes! One woman took a rural area that was barely scraping by, and within 12 months had a business worth over £100,000!

That made me sit down and study what my most successful franchisees did right, and what the “failed” franchisees did wrong. And now I'd like to share that knowledge with you, so you can make sure you get off to the best possible start with your new franchise. In whatever field you have chosen.

For example, I have had many prospective franchisees turn up to see me in my office, had a one hour ‘chat' and then plonked down a cheque in full payment for one of my franchise offerings there and then! Without thinking it through! Without realising the implications! They were probably desperate for a job! Fortunately a good franchisor will not accept payment there and then but will insist on them thinking it through and reading the Franchise Agreement thoroughly, then taking proper legal advice. But then that's just the good franchisors! Be Aware! They just aren't all good guys!

Reading a franchise publication seems a good way to start, but then they write the editorial to suit the advertiser not you!

I know because I've been there and done it.
So read my book before you do anything.

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I've published a book called “Franchise Success, How to make it Happen” and I'd like to send you a copy for free. Some of the information I reveal in the book includes:

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  • The question no franchisor wants you to ask… and why you must ask it.
  • How not to buy a franchise
  • The seven crucial questions you need to ask yourself before even looking for a franchise.
  • How to plan your exit strategy before you even start.

So, get your free copy of my published book
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Thank you for your time.

Kind regards


Freddie Rayner
Successful UK Franchisor

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